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Know more about the commonly abused illegal drugs

Society today is abusing many illegal drugs and everyone needs to raise their level of awareness so as to reduce the risks related to drug abuse or even to help someone they love who is already suffering from this deadly addiction. There are various sizes, shapes and types of drugs with each having a unique effect because of which there is the common term ‘Drug of Choice’. Illegal drugs can be used for many reasons such as experimentation, boredom, or simply to fit in to a group. Abusing drugs means a repeated intake of them to make them feel normal or to solve their personal problems.

Drugs that are illegally abused

• Marijuana – This is the most widely used drug that is obtained from the Cannabis plant that grows in many countries. Cigarettes are made out of marijuana or even it is smoked from pipes and some even eat or drink it. Known to be a schedule one drug, marijuana is illegal to buy, sell, grow or even use and no form of this drug has been approved for being effective or safe for medical use.
• Cocaine/Crack Cocaine – This drug is obtained from the Coca plant leaves which grow basically in South America. It is processed into a powder which people can inject, melt or snort. Crack is processed into a substance which can be smoked. Known to be a schedule two drug, this too is illegal to process, sell, grow or use and it has been used in the medicinal world as an anesthetic.
• Ecstasy (MDMA) – This is a synthetic drug with the properties of Amphetamine and Hallucinogenic and is similar to synthetic drugs like Meth and MDA which are known to damage the brain cells. Most users take it in the pill form though some crush it and snort or inject the drug.
• Opium – This is derived from the poppy plant in the form of dried milk and it contains Codeine from Morphine as well as Morphine. It can be smoked, drunk or eaten while Morphine can be injected or even taken as pills. Whereas, Heroin can be inhaled after being heated on Aluminum foils, injected into the vein or under the skin or even smoked in tobacco.
• Meth – A highly addictive stimulant which affects the Central Nervous System dramatically, Meth is made discreetly in labs with ingredients that are relatively inexpensive. It has a very high potential for being abused widely.

The problems created by illegal drugs

Drugs are directly related to crime and it is a known fact that huge revenues are earned by gangs and drug warlords leading to a lot of corruption in public institutions. Drugs are becoming more toxic as well as more potent, causing health risks that are much greater than ever before. Morality can never be regulated and even if drugs are given a legitimate label and taxed, there will still be illegal drugs which are not legalized which will lead to serious types of drug addictions ruining families.

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