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Necessity of Drug Screening 0

Have you ever imagined of a company hiring the candidates who are severe drug abusers, definitely, No. They never hire such persons because that can damage the reputation as well as the working environment of the company. During the pre-employment tests, candidates are asked to go through the drug screening tests. These tests are being conducted in order to check profile of the candidate. These tests are now a day necessary part of the pre-employment screening. There are several tests that you might need to give like blood test, urine test, saliva drug test, and hair follicle drug test. If you really need to get through the test, and decide not to use any kind of drugs in future, then you have several way through which you can pass the drug tests easily. So here we will answer such questions like how to pass a drug test fast? How to pass a drug test for weed | .

Several simple things to keep in mind while preparing for drug tests:

You are preparing for drug tests, you might need to keep certain things in mind so that you stay safe even when you try to fake the tests.

  • When you are good enough that you know the side effects of using different kinds of remedies then it is evident that you might get through the test easily.
  • There are various ways to pass a drug test, but what to try on your body totally depends on you. Some remedies that work on your friends might not work on your body that well so it’s better to identify your body type and then try for the remedies.
  • Drug metabolites stay in body for long, and that too depends on the things like the kind of drug intake and the kind of test you are going to give. Like it is very simple to know how to pass a saliva drug test, because the metabolites can be only detected for maximum of 2 days, by the saliva drug test.
  • But there are some tests like hair follicle drug tests, which are not easy as how to pass oral drug test. So you need to be fully aware of what kind of test you are supposed to give.


No matter how much we try for home remedies, there is no chance that they will help you in need, because it is nit scientifically proven that they can come in your aid. Products from supreme klean like saliva detox, detox drink etc. guarantee you to pass the test.


Death of a Young Man Linked to Drugs Misuse 0

On Thursday, twenty one year old Connor Cochrane was found dead in the Kenlis Street area. The deceased man was said to come from an affluent family in both areas of Banbridge and Dromore. In relation to the death incident, two men, a forty-something year old and a twenty-something year old, were arrested. Both arrested men were brought to the hospital for treatment while one of them was still under medication until yesterday.

Moreover, council chairman Marrie Hamilton left a statement regarding the incident on the man’s death. She pointed out that if the man’s death is confirmed to be caused by the use of illegal drugs, the incident will then be the sixth on the list of drug related tragedies in the span of one year.

After an investigation into Connor Cochrane’s death, the coroner has revealed that the twenty one year old man’s death was caused by the use of “cocktail of illegal substances.” More to that point, council chairman Hamilton has mentioned that there is “cause for concern” on the drug related problems in the district and she believes that the recurring incidents call for an action to be done in terms of educating the people, most especially the young ones. The youth needs a direction to the situation wherein they can be given assistance they need on account of the number of drug related deaths that occurred before time.

The SDLP councilor added that the local PSNI is doing their job to come to grips with it. Although it is not an easy task to track down the one who pushes these substances, but the problem has becoming more serious and blatant. That’s why something really has to be done.

What’s more, Stephen Moutray, the Upper Bann DUP MLA, characterized the tragedies as a very worrying turn of events because any young person’s death would rock a community to the core with no exception to Connor Cochrane’s case. Banbridge has been ruined by the five recent drug related deaths in the community. Hence, PSNI and other significant authorities have to tackle this widespread of drugs misuse.


How does Behavioral Therapy help families 0

Is drug therapy for couples the best solution?

The most effective method of treating drug abuse in the family therapy setting has been drug therapy for couples. The corner store of the therapeutic treatment of drug addiction is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It was in the year 1974 that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism applauded family and couples therapy for advances in the treatment of drug addiction that was outstanding. Click for url

How does Behavioral Therapy help families?

The individual who is looking for help plays an active role in Behavioral Therapy. The extent of success in couple’s therapy is far greater as the behavior of both partners is inter-twined and there is an interaction in their anxieties, moods, personalities and issues regarding substance abuse. Consequently, the treatment for addiction is more successful when couples who are addicted support each other during the recovery period.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an approach that is psychotherapeutic and focuses on bringing a solution to the emotions, processes and dysfunctional behaviors by using a goal oriented process. This approach has helped couples largely because they can encourage each other through reinforcement that is positive. This technique of mutual support is meaningful for both men and women though the success rate is higher in women.
Strategies are carefully developed which can help in continuing the positive reinforcement so that the couple create a healthy relationship between themselves. It must be understood that a substance abuse treatment is not limited to ending the addiction as there may be behaviors that had existed before and may continue to exist even after the addiction problem has been addressed.
The change in these behaviors is very crucial so that the couple does not slip back into the addiction cycle and are encouraged to help the individual recovery by getting engaged in support programs.

Should men and women be treated differently for their addictions?

It is true that even if it is a couple who is getting treatment, the response of a woman will be different from that of a man which means all cannot be treated in the same way. Scientists are of the opinion that drugs do affect the brain and consequently your behavior. Any addiction affects the entire family and a baby born to an addict is prone to all sorts of issues and problems starting as early as when they are in the womb.
Addicts realize the fault of their ways only when the baby is born with obvious problems. But it is too late as by that time the damage is already done. The levels of addiction depend on the person as some may be less addicted than others. However, be it a man, or a woman, the first step to stop addiction has to be a voluntary one as addiction is a choice and not a compulsion.
There are specific programs for different genders but it is noticed that irrespective of gender, addiction is a disease that is equally harmful be it for a man or a woman.


the commonly abused illegal drugs 1

Know more about the commonly abused illegal drugs

Society today is abusing many illegal drugs and everyone needs to raise their level of awareness so as to reduce the risks related to drug abuse or even to help someone they love who is already suffering from this deadly addiction. There are various sizes, shapes and types of drugs with each having a unique effect because of which there is the common term ‘Drug of Choice’. Illegal drugs can be used for many reasons such as experimentation, boredom, or simply to fit in to a group. Abusing drugs means a repeated intake of them to make them feel normal or to solve their personal problems.

Drugs that are illegally abused

• Marijuana – This is the most widely used drug that is obtained from the Cannabis plant that grows in many countries. Cigarettes are made out of marijuana or even it is smoked from pipes and some even eat or drink it. Known to be a schedule one drug, marijuana is illegal to buy, sell, grow or even use and no form of this drug has been approved for being effective or safe for medical use.
• Cocaine/Crack Cocaine – This drug is obtained from the Coca plant leaves which grow basically in South America. It is processed into a powder which people can inject, melt or snort. Crack is processed into a substance which can be smoked. Known to be a schedule two drug, this too is illegal to process, sell, grow or use and it has been used in the medicinal world as an anesthetic.
• Ecstasy (MDMA) – This is a synthetic drug with the properties of Amphetamine and Hallucinogenic and is similar to synthetic drugs like Meth and MDA which are known to damage the brain cells. Most users take it in the pill form though some crush it and snort or inject the drug.
• Opium – This is derived from the poppy plant in the form of dried milk and it contains Codeine from Morphine as well as Morphine. It can be smoked, drunk or eaten while Morphine can be injected or even taken as pills. Whereas, Heroin can be inhaled after being heated on Aluminum foils, injected into the vein or under the skin or even smoked in tobacco.
• Meth – A highly addictive stimulant which affects the Central Nervous System dramatically, Meth is made discreetly in labs with ingredients that are relatively inexpensive. It has a very high potential for being abused widely.

The problems created by illegal drugs

Drugs are directly related to crime and it is a known fact that huge revenues are earned by gangs and drug warlords leading to a lot of corruption in public institutions. Drugs are becoming more toxic as well as more potent, causing health risks that are much greater than ever before. Morality can never be regulated and even if drugs are given a legitimate label and taxed, there will still be illegal drugs which are not legalized which will lead to serious types of drug addictions ruining families.

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