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Drugs and Alcohols can never solve your problems 0

Substance abuse is one of the issues that have become a major concern for the world today. There are many youngsters addicted to this fatal habit without realizing the consequences and the side effects. It is a known fact that any addiction is a matter of choice and not compulsion. Excuses are made by those who get addicted which are neither rational nor reasonable. The solution that drugs offers is temporary and taking your mind off a problem does not mean the problem no more remains.

Dealing with situations

Most people get addicted to drugs presuming it to be a permanent solution for their problems. Little do they realize that sooner or later one has to face their anxieties and fears. Drugs and alcohol can never be a solution to any problem in fact they can only complicate things further. Dangerous for health, many have died by abusing alcohol and using drugs. Health suffers and there can be drastic effects in the long term. Trying to avoid problems can never have a long effect as eventually, one has to confront their stresses and fears.
It is better to face problems in a practical manner immediately than later. Remember, once you have decided to face your situation, you will also learn to manage your fears. With time you will become better at dealing with your problems and with patience, it will not take too long to find the answers to your problems. If you cannot deal with it alone, get help from a professional as there are many who assist you in dealing with the challenges of life. Neither will making excuses help your situation nor will shirking the responsibility to face your fears help you get further.
Alcohol and drugs can worsen your problems and make things more troublesome. Anyway, to deal with your fears can never be easy so why should you add to problems by delaying the solution. Be smart and take things one day at a time by tackling your fears, knowing that alcohol and drugs can never be a solution to your problems.

Drugs are the problem, they are not the solution

There has been an alarming rise in the prescription of Psychotropic drugs for children. It is a matter of concern and people are trying to propose ideas as to deal with this problem. Instead of getting to the root cause of drugs, society is trying to look for quick fixes that are unnatural because of the monetary factor. The motivation behind the drug industry, pharmaceutical research as well as medicine is money.
It is very unfortunate for children to not get a chance to live a life where they can experience every aspect. Many of them die through degenerative disorders and drugs, rather than solving their problems, ruin them because of professionals who prescribe psychotropic drugs for young children, leading to fatal consequences. Drugs treat symptoms, not the cause. It is just like covering the stains of the wall without really repairing the leak that lies under.


How does Behavioral Therapy help families 0

Is drug therapy for couples the best solution?

The most effective method of treating drug abuse in the family therapy setting has been drug therapy for couples. The corner store of the therapeutic treatment of drug addiction is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It was in the year 1974 that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism applauded family and couples therapy for advances in the treatment of drug addiction that was outstanding. Click for url

How does Behavioral Therapy help families?

The individual who is looking for help plays an active role in Behavioral Therapy. The extent of success in couple’s therapy is far greater as the behavior of both partners is inter-twined and there is an interaction in their anxieties, moods, personalities and issues regarding substance abuse. Consequently, the treatment for addiction is more successful when couples who are addicted support each other during the recovery period.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an approach that is psychotherapeutic and focuses on bringing a solution to the emotions, processes and dysfunctional behaviors by using a goal oriented process. This approach has helped couples largely because they can encourage each other through reinforcement that is positive. This technique of mutual support is meaningful for both men and women though the success rate is higher in women.
Strategies are carefully developed which can help in continuing the positive reinforcement so that the couple create a healthy relationship between themselves. It must be understood that a substance abuse treatment is not limited to ending the addiction as there may be behaviors that had existed before and may continue to exist even after the addiction problem has been addressed.
The change in these behaviors is very crucial so that the couple does not slip back into the addiction cycle and are encouraged to help the individual recovery by getting engaged in support programs.

Should men and women be treated differently for their addictions?

It is true that even if it is a couple who is getting treatment, the response of a woman will be different from that of a man which means all cannot be treated in the same way. Scientists are of the opinion that drugs do affect the brain and consequently your behavior. Any addiction affects the entire family and a baby born to an addict is prone to all sorts of issues and problems starting as early as when they are in the womb.
Addicts realize the fault of their ways only when the baby is born with obvious problems. But it is too late as by that time the damage is already done. The levels of addiction depend on the person as some may be less addicted than others. However, be it a man, or a woman, the first step to stop addiction has to be a voluntary one as addiction is a choice and not a compulsion.
There are specific programs for different genders but it is noticed that irrespective of gender, addiction is a disease that is equally harmful be it for a man or a woman.